Bespoke. Handcrafted. Timeless.

Experience of tattooing reimagened.

Introducing Model 01

Excellence without compromise

We know that there are no shortcuts to greatness so we took our time and spend two years in creating and developing KRAFT™ Tattoo Model 01, limited edition, bespoke and hand build tattoo bed.

High-end design, exceptional craft, finest materials with attention to detail all combined with incredible functionality and ultimate comfort makes Model 01 truly unique item.

All you need from tatoo bed

Designed for long hours

Comfort and functionality are imperatives when it comes to Model 01. Everything you can think of is adjustable. The bed can rotate 360 degrees, which makes tattooing accessible and comfortable from every angle.

It can easily transform from sitting to lying position. Armrest and parts for the legs and neck are adjustable, too.

We are proud to say that the “pain chair” never looked so comfortable.

Built to last

Long lasting sustainability
Finest quality materials

All materials used for creating our Model 01 are of the highest quality, including thick solid timbers and industrial-grade steel. When we designed and made Model 01 we wanted it to be used and admired on this planet for as long as possible.

When you buy our tattoo bed, we don’t expect you to return and buy another one. By focusing on making tattoo beds built to last for generations we are confident that both the craftsmanship and raw materials are fit for purpose.

It only has one flaw:
it’s limited series.